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No credit card hook ups for sex

Her affection for Billy was genuine, and also her way of teasing well-born advisers, who could not fathom why she seemed so fond of a 'rather common' man.

He was known as Backstairs Billy, the flamboyant Royal courtier who rose from humble beginnings to spend half a century as the friend, confidant and unofficial master of ceremonies for the Queen Mother.

William Tallon was famously Her Majesty's dance partner, the constant provider of her favourite gin and Dubonnet, stage manager of her sometimes ribald lunch parties – and a bawdy, irreverent and deeply camp antidote to the strait-laced life of the rest of the Royal Family. But, in an echo of Queen Victoria's relationship with John Brown, the Queen Mother refused to hear the concerns of senior Palace staff who believed his imperious behaviour was a threat to harmony below stairs, and that his promiscuity provided a glaring security loophole at the heart of the Royal Family.

He quickly reached the young man and was clearly furious.

Next time we met he made absolutely no reference to this night-time escapade.

Billy seems to have been careful to invite young men back one at a time to Clarence House when the Queen Mother was there, but when she was away he frequently threw caution to the wind and invited two or even three at a time.

As one of his contemporaries put it: 'I think he rather had a taste for orgies.' During one group sex session, Brian Wilson, whom Billy had invited back from Soho, remembers Billy suggesting he sit on the Queen Mother's favourite sofa – and there Billy had sex with him.

Relying entirely on force of character, he was like a private in the army who becomes a field marshal: the last person one would have expected to reach such a position of influence in a world where education and social class meant everything.

Until her death in 2002, there was only one figure who rivalled the Queen for the world's interest and the nation's affection, and that was her mother, Elizabeth.

Nominally, he was a servant, but in reality he was the Queen Mother's closest aide: a uniquely trusted friend and confidant; a man she could never quite do without.

Backstairs Billy, as he came to be nicknamed, was that rarest of creatures, a very ordinary person who, over more than five decades, carved out an extraordinary role in one of the world's most secretive institutions: the Royal Family.

But then he always would simply float above any difficulty or embarrassment.'In truth, such a flagrant compromise of security was far from an exception. But the extent to which he used Clarence House for sexual assignations with strangers – and used it as a lure for prospective partners in the gay bars of Soho – has never fully been grasped.