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New Beatles book is a Rosetta Stone to their hit recordings Beatles music scholar debuts new Flip Side Beatles book and brand Speakers selected for Beatles at the Ridge 2018 Symposium How the Beatles influenced the Ramones The LA You May Not Know: The Beatles Tour Stella causing a Hard Day's Night A 1953 "Goldtop" Gibson Les Paul used by Paul Mc Cartney as recently as 2012 will go up for auction next month in New York City.

In the process, however, Wenner made an enemy of Paul Mc Cartney by lying to him about the Rock Hall.

Fats Domino, who died Tuesday at 89, was one of the main pioneers of early rock and roll, influencing virtually everyone who followed him, including the Beatles, who covered his songs and met him on one of their first trips to America.

The six-piece line will include archival photographs and specially made portraits, reprinted onto silk and woven wool.

The film features recollections from artists including Paul Mc Cartney, who in a just-released clip talks about the importance of Twist and Shout to the Beatles' career.

Paul Mc Cartney joined Steven Van Zandt onstage in London on Saturday night.

The last time they played together was with Bruce Springsteen in 2012, when the power was unexpectedly shut off due to a curfew.

On his official website, a fan asks Paul Mc Cartney, "Do you believe in ghosts? I'm a bit too practical so if I see or hear something, I normally will reach for a rational explanation."Paul Mc Cartney lifted spirits in quake-hit Mexico at a concert punctuated with the cry "Fuerza Mexico!