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Nicaragua dating culture

If nothing else, this a great place to pick up a quality Nicaraguan hammock at a good price.

This is the vision and passion we have seen throughout Nicaragua.

Cars are asked to enter the park in order of arrival on a one by one basis.

Entry for the Masaya Volcano night tour is ~C$300 (~ $10USD) Want to spend the night? Tip: Due to volcanic activity in Nicaragua several volcanoes, including Volcan Masaya may be closed.

Expect to pay anywhere from c$10 cordobas (~$0.36) – c$19 cordobas (~$0.68) depending on the trip.

Shuttle or Taxi Shuttles or taxis can be arranged by your accommodation or you could barter yourself. Just be sure to agree on a fixed price before you leave.

This in itself is a good reason for a day trip from Granada.

An easy drive to the top, park the car, not too close, and you are looking straight into the “Gates of Hell”. The two main craters are accessible from the road provided by the national park and on most days will be spewing volcanic gases from their depths.

If this is something you have never experienced before, the sulphuric gas literally takes your breath away, in turn limiting the time you should spend up there.