Start New etrade commercial speed dating

New etrade commercial speed dating

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So I’ve heard some folks spent tonight watching a football game. I was too busy watching commercials, and that means it’s time for Vantage Point Marketing’s third annual Super Bowl commercial review. But it’s a lot of money for Acura to throw at a commercial for a product that only a few thousand people will buy, is three years away (says the fine print), and has little if any tie to an Acura you can buy at your dealer today. A little mundane, and self-congratulatory, though — how does the fact that you’ve created new jobs matter to me, the customer? Hyundai Genesis Coupe Car as a life support device.

Sorry, Careerbuilder.) Samsung Galaxy Note It started out looking like a repeat of a previous commercial. Have to give them some credit for admitting “that was over the top” at the end. Go Daddy If 14-year-old boys were the primary audience for web hosting, this would be a great strategy. And local hero George Hincapie makes an appearance about 3/4 of the way though, at the end of last year’s Tour de France. Probably the Chevrolet Camaro ad, with the Audi vampires spot a close second.

(Since I work with the wonderful folks at Vantage Point, that won’t be happening any time soon! And I wish they’d spent more time explaining why it was a better phone (my Palm Pilot, circa 1998, has a pen).

Nice use of a Twitter hashtag in the commercial as well. Jack in the Box bacon burger I’ll admit I don’t have the insatiable hankering for bacon that some other folks do.