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Msexchangefbpublish and error updating busy

This schedule can be changed in Outlook options or via Group Policy.

If you remember when you install exchange 2007 it asks you "do you have legacy outlook clients in your environment? If this exists and you create an appointment on an outlook 2007 client, outlook 2007 will update both the public folders free/busy along with its own mailbox database. If the public folders system free/busy does not exist it will just update its own mailbox.

During a migration from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2007 you need to add the Exchange 2007 server to replicas for each of the Public Folders (as you would need with any Exchange server migration) and this includes the System folders as well.

If it needs to talk to a mailbox server in another site, it will relay the request via HTTP/HTTPS to the client access server in that site, then to the mailbox server via MAPI.