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Movie dating tips

It’s not necessary for the low lights, soft R ‘n’ B music, candles and rose petals you see in the films.

Secondly, when you’re setting the scene in your living room or kitchen try not to go overboard.

The lesson here: Don’t just sit around waiting for life (and dating) to happen.

If you’ve been dating for a while, you’re probably considering tackling the first home date.

When Winona Ryder dumps “Mr-Good-on-Paper” Ben Stiller for her scruffy but oh-so-hot BFF Ethan Hawke, it reminds us that although life can be pretty confusing at times, you should always follow your heart. 500 Days of Summer: This quirky romance is about Summer, a young woman who doesn’t believe in falling in love and Tom, the man who falls head over heels for her.

What we can learn from it: Dating involves a lot of trial and error. However, all the ups and downs are totally worth it once you meet the right person. When Harry Met Sally: This movie about two best friends who fall in love tackles the classic dating conundrum: can men and women really just be friends and what happens when you cross that line?

This tip follows on from keep it simple, as you should give yourself plenty of time to prepare your meal, tidy your home and get ready for the evening.

Be realistic; if your date is coming round at 8pm and you finish work at 6pm then you’ll probably want to buy your ingredients and do your Magic Maid impression the day before.

But how can you make sure everything goes smoothly when your relationship is still new?