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Most intimidating fans in the

Because while some fanbases are pretty unobjectionable -- and, therefore, people you could actually see yourself being friends with -- others you make a point to avoid from Saturday night until Monday morning.

You really thought [Charlie Frye, Brady Quinn, Seneca Wallace, Trent Dilfer, Tim Couch, Jake Delhomme, Brian Hoyer, Colt Mc Coy, Derek Anderson, Ken Dorsey] were legitimate starting quarterbacks? The quarterbacks named Manuel and Edwards and Brohm and Holcomb and Thad Lewis and one-s-short-of-perfect Losman. And yet, you remain an industrially jovial, generally adorable bunch full of Labatt Blue and misbehavior, but never hate.

Witness the Ridiculous Bills Fan Video cottage industry Deadspin’s been nurturing all season, which includes you shoving hands in girlfriends’ butts, slap-fighting in the most viciously friendly manner conceivable, launching yourselves onto tables from high places, using friendly fire to slam Pats fans through other ones, dizzy-batting your heads into the front of buses, and doing coke. Point is, football is supposed to be fun, and you lovable, thick-torsoed goons know how to have it. Also known as: “That fanbase currently going through the mental gymnastics of convincing yourselves it’s alright to root for Adrian Peterson after learning about his parenting style." Oh, and also after this.

So, who are the folks we might invite over to our tailgate, and who are the ones we pray don’t sit next to us on an airplane?

Our crack team broke ‘em all down, from the NFL's most pleasantly irrelevant fans to the league's most obnoxious.

But thank you for not taking your disappointment out on us. Because a team known for orange pants and futility has an infinitely better following than a team with two Stanley Cups in the past 11 years.

When you suffer for years through game-day temps in the 90s and Vinny Testaverde QB ratings in the 70s, it breeds loyalty. Never mind the team hasn't made a good draft pick since... Even after those three seasons when they were good, you never got big heads about it.

Seriously, has anybody outside Arizona ever met an actual Cardinals fan? No, they’re not Texas’ team -- that one wears burnt orange.

episode where Hank and the gang kinda grudgingly go watch the Texans practice, because it’s a lot closer than the Cowboys and they figure, hey, it’s football? Hell, they’re not even Houston’s team, since THAT team plays in Nashville.

Let’s just say the Joey Harrington jersey era was short lived. And it's hard to be bothered by a group of people dedicated to an awful franchise that, three years after moving and changing their name to the Ravens, somehow managed to win a Super Bowl.

Even when the on-field squad has had their occasional adversarial personality (looking at you, Suh), it’s hard for a fanbase that so thoroughly knows nothing but bad things to muster up much in the way of offensiveness. Sure, you might toss the occasional dog biscuit/snowball/glass bottle on the field, but next to Cubs fans, you're America's lovable losers -- just more adorably delusional. The ABSOLUTE FORWARD PASS in the playoffs in Tennessee in 2000.

But inland, right around El Cajon and La Mesa, you might find actual Chargers fans, some of whom even remember the Stan Humphries era when he and Natrone Means led SD to a horrible drubbing in Super Bowl XXIX at the hands of the Niners.