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" in a crowded theater, and he ended up punching an old lady and throwing her through the screen in his blind panic to leave the theater.

The only problem is there was really only one sexual thing she could do, and though she was quite good at it (I mean, you're pick up some skills after a while), I sort of felt like I was doing all of the work in our relationship. "I'm cold, throw a blanket on top of me." "I'm hungry, throw me into that bowl of spaghetti". Anyway, I ended up trading her to a trucker for a ride to Kansas City.

And then for a while I dated a southern baptist, but I don't like to talk about that.

This new interest served me well for the brief tenure of our relationship, but things started to get a bit awkward when she insisted I get to know who she is on the inside.

At first I was all about it, I mean who wouldn't be, right?

But sooner or later she decides she doesn’t want you to come out at all, and after a while you kind of get tired of hugging a giant tampon, believe me. So that brings us pretty much up to date on my history of dating various movie monsters.

And for my most recent experience, I answered a Craigslist ad from an older woman who said she was "Protoclown's number one fan". I'm sure some of you have probably dated some monsters as well.

the game about writing convincing lies to answer questions, is back.

As you’d expect this edition features totally new questions and question types as well as a mode called “Enough About You.” This new mode in has players type answers to questions, while the other players try to select which is the correct answer—while also providing lies.

As always, Fibbage is fun, simple, and easy to pick up and play, like most games in these collections.

is a game about taking your friends’ answers to questions and writing headlines or hashtags to make them look foolish.

Also best not to do anything that requires a lot of walking.