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At the festival Shelby tells her about the criminal activities the town is known for.

In an attempt to protect his mother, Norman attacked Shelby, which caused him to drop the gun he had earlier confiscated from Dylan.

Dylan grabbed the gun, Norma ran outside with Norman, and Dylan engaged in a gunfight with Shelby. Shelby's boss, Jake Abernathy came to the Bates Motel only to continue the sex slave business.

When Norma attempts to leave in anger, Shelby stops her and tells her he loves her.

He tells her he will protect her and Shelby goes back to the station.

Zack Shelby was a young, handsome, clear-eyed deputy of the White Pine Bay Sheriff's Department but was the main antagonist of the first half of the first season.

He was almost immediately attracted to Norma Bates and found himself drawn into her life and wanting to take care of her. After Shelby and Romero visited the Bates Motel once (soon after the murder of Keith Summers), he quickly developed feelings for Norma.

He pulled out a gun, pushed Norma to the ground and chased after Jiao through the woods.

When Shelby returned, he held Norma, Norman and Dylan Massett at gunpoint in their house, where he yelled at and physically abused Norma for "betraying" him.

Shelby gets spooked and moves Jiao over to a boat owned by Keith.

Shelby runs into Norman in town and despite Norman trying to avoid him, Shelby invites Norman to go fishing with him, despite Norman's protests.

Shelby tells Norma he is going to take care of her, subtly blackmailing her, and they have sex.