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Merry christmas dating song

Who needs weird extended family when you’ve got friends like these guys? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Deck the Halls For his first Christmas in Bel-Air, Will wants to make himself feel a little more at home and give his cousin Ashley a taste of real Christmas, so he decorates the Banks home in flashy, non-Home Owners Association approved decorations.

When they all get together, he teaches them how to enjoy the holiday, proving that even those who don’t have family this time of year can have a wonderful Christmas when they share it with others. Veronica Mars – An Echolls Family Christmas Not all Christmas episodes are merry and bright, and this classic episode of Veronica Mars is one of those.

Veronica was solving the mystery of the missing poker game money for her classmates while her father was trying to protect a celebrity father from a stalker. Mars fails, and as carolers sing in showers of fake snow in the warm San Diego weather, Aaron Echolls is stabbed by a former lover as everyone looks on in horror.

When Stimpy experiences his first fart he believes it is his child.

After searching endlessly for his fart, they reunite at Christmas and Stinky is happy, but decides he’s too old to stay with his “father.” Despite its disgusting animated wrapping, the episode is an oddly real look at family and holidays. All in the Family – Edith’s Christmas Story had many Christmas episodes and with that came plenty of opportunity for Archie to spew his misinformed ideas while Edith sighed “Oh, Archie,” but the sweetest Christmas episode might just be “Edith’s Christmas Story” in which Edith has a breast cancer scare at Christmas and attempts to hide it to keep the holiday happy.

The concept of a terrifying killer Santa robot, created by a corporation who accidentally programmed him to be too strict in his definitions of “naughty and nice” is perfect.

He deems almost everyone naughty and spends Christmas Eve killing all the naughty folks he comes across.

First, it’s an opportunity for Cliff (Bill Cosby) to get to know his daughter’s new husband.

Second, and more adorably, it’s a time for Cliff to get to know his daughter’s new step-child – a tiny Raven Simone – who’s just learning the concept that men of different ethnicities dress up as Santa at Christmas. LOST – The Constant It’s the only time LOST spent significant time on the holidays, and it did so in a big way.

In his opening monologue, Baldwin is visited by John Goodman as the ghost of Christmas future; he sees Jimmy Fallon hosting the show in 2011 and making fun of Baldwin. The Bob Newhart Show – His Busiest Season Rather than focusing on the togetherness of a family at Christmastime, this episode of the long-running sitcom found Bob taking his role as a psychiatrist to a new level.

This Christmas Carol parody is particularly significant, because in December 2011, it all came true. When he and his wife realize something is missing from their Christmas – despite the giant pile of presents they’ve lined up for each other – Bob invites his therapy group full of people who hate the holidays.

If your goal is good TV with a seasonal feel, rather than straight up holiday cheer, this episode couldn’t be more perfect. The Andy Griffith Show – The Christmas Story In typical Andy Griffith fashion, this episode is as sugary as a glass of sweet tea.