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But more than just an expression, they were a central means of cultivating and promoting that understanding and a corresponding reverence.

As a rule, a man holds the door for a woman; he offers his seat to a woman; he offers to carry something heavy; he walks on the side closer to traffic; he offers his umbrella; he gives more attention to his clothes and grooming in her presence; he is especially vigilant about his language; he does not pry into her private life.

And in all these things he is careful not to seem patronizing or pushy.

These are points that young men, in particular, need to learn.

Women are deserving of special reverence not because of weakness, but because of strength.

But the responsibility falls first upon men, and it is there that I focus my attention.

It is worth simply calling to mind some traditional practices.

Emily Post wrote: If a young girl’s family is not at home, she should not, on returning from a party, invite or allow her date to ‘come in for a while.’ If he persists, she should tell him firmly, ‘Sorry, another time,’ and bid him ‘good night.’ However, if her parents are home and have been notified, it is perfectly all right to invite him in for a snack.