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However, after Michael cheats on Jamal, they break up indefinitely.

In addition to a robbery motive, the killers may have been targeting Asian or gay men, who are known to use Grindr, investigators said. 25 along a wooded trail in the Spring area a few miles from his home.

The numbers are pulled from police reports that mention the two apps.

Glenser Soliman, a 44-year-old nurse manager at St. An Vinh Nguyen was last seen March 31, but his body has not been recovered.

Both of the victims were Asian; their sexual orientations are not known. He had been strangled and bludgeoned, according to court records. A mourner wrote in an online guestbook, "This world lost a kind, funny, thoughtful and generous human being." NGUYEN CASE: University of Houston student goes missing About a month later, a 26-year-old University of Houston student, went missing.

Afterwards, Michael discovers that Jamal may be the father of his ex-wife's daughter, Lola; therefore, he breaks up with Jamal and leaves his apartment.

By the start of the second season, they have resumed dating and living together.

They broke up later on after Jamal caught Michael cheating.

Capital murder charges have been filed in connection with the February death of Glenser Soliman, 44. Deputies want to talk with Lyons' 26-year-old cousin, Jerrett Jamal Allen, who is charged with debit or credit card fraud for allegedly using Nguyen's cards in El Paso in April.

The Jamal-Michael Relationship is the formerly romantic relationship between Jamal Lyon and Michael Sanchez.

Throughout season 1, Jamal and Michael's relationship takes a turn to the worst.

Investigators are also attempting to determine whether this case is linked to the April disappearance of An Vinh Nguyen, a 26-year-old Univesity of Houston student. Nguyen's vehicle was also found in the Spring area, not far from where Mr. less Brooke Weekley is charged with murder after she allegedly stabbed another woman to death on Oct. Witnesses told police the two women had been arguing via text message throughout the ...