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A girl morphed by the effects of poisonous mushrooms, she sets off on a journey to feed her craving for fine fungi.

She had been largely responsible for the upbringing of her grandson, and when Vratislav died in 921, Ludmila, now a widow, acted as regent for the young Václav.

Drahomíra’s jealousy became so intense that on 15 September 921 she despatched two assassins to murder Ludmila in her castle at Tetín; tradition has it that they strangled her with her own veil.

Her fame spread far beyond Bohemia throughout the entire Slavonic world, where her name is still highly popular among both Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics.

In addition, Ludmila’s story has at least two points of special interest for British readers. Václav is better known to them as the Good King Wenceslas of the carol, though very unlike the white-bearded figure of tradition.

Since then she all but disappeared from view while the Russian president forbids any questions about his private life although he made clear in 2014 that he was happy in his love life A St Petersburg property known to have been owned by Lyudmila's family is now listed on official state records as belonging to Lyudmila Alexandrovna Ocheretnaya, with the name as well as date and place of birth matching those of the former first lady.

Against this, in recent years she had clearly achieved anonymity - having been seen in public only once since she and Putin announced their divorce after attending a Bolshoi Theatre performance together.'But having received a written request on the whether he (or any of his family members) has personal relations with the ex-wife of the president, Arthur Ocheretny for some reason preferred not to reply to deny the allegations.

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Mělník Castle, St Ludmila's birthplace (picture from Wikimedia Commons) However, after only two years Spytihněv died, and his brother Vratislav succeeded to the dukedom.