Start Local girls who wanna fuck today without credit cards free

Local girls who wanna fuck today without credit cards free

I regret the amount that I spent in there, and it's apparently not even a percent of the amount some other reviewers lost in there. Almost all of the 5 star reviews here are from the STAFF of this club.

The girl saw that I had a clear mind and wasn't aroused and understood why I didn't took the bait.

She still wanted to let me buy her a 180 zloty drink (one of the cheapest ones), but after I didn't fell for that either she began talking Polish to a colleague, and stating that I had to be virgin, and that I should leave.

The cunt outside with the umbrella will entice you in with false promises but it's all just a con. U WILL GET CAUGHT AND WHEN U DO I HOPE U GET WHAT U DESERVE Yes, they are thieves. Probably I have been drug, it is the only way I can explain this.

I will re-visit on my next trip just to make sure Was in here 2 nights ago paid for one round of drinks and had 5 transactions taken from my credit card totalling €2500 They obviously have cloned my card! You pay to stay with a girl, you talk with her in a clear way: money for sex.

It makes it look like maybe some people just drank too much and are complaining but for normal people its a good club but this IS NOT TRUE.

THIS IS A BAD PLACE RUN BY BAD PEOPLE WHO WANT TO FUCK YOU OVER, DRUG YOU, STEAL YOUR CASH, SAY YOU'RE TOO DRUNK, HAND YOU OVER TO POLICE, AND LAUGH ABOUT IT AFTERWARDS. Go somewhere else or just find a girl who is actually attracted to you and doesn't think you're a massive loser and is pretending to like you cause its her job and she wants more cash from you. They are also treated very badly and are psychologically damaged. No frauds, I definitely come back to this place, do not go there if you don't want to have a good time with your money.

But then you notice the ubiquitous metal poles and the girls enter and you realize this is a very different kind of nightclub.