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Murshed: I started when I was 17 years old, and I always take my dog wherever I go.

I can help you understand why your dog is behaving this way and you will learn how your dog thinks.

A career that includes jobs as an actor, a hospital porter, a (failed) encyclopedia salesman, a radio and television continuity ‘voice’, a question-setter for the BBC’s ‘Mastermind’, a wine educator and writer, a magistrate, a collaborating playwright, a local political candidate and a provider of on-screen food for ‘Poirot’ – PHEW!!! Come and find out as this ‘low-profile’ actor invites you to enjoy some of his memories, including those of some of the big ‘names’ he has worked with over the years.

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I provide dog training in Dumfries and the surrounding area.

KT: What’s the most important cue or command to teach your dog?

Murshed: Basic commands like how to come, sit, stay and even go to the toilet will nurture your relationship with the dog as well as encourage good behavior.

Ayman Saad Murshed, a retired army pilot who is now the head of Kuwait K9 association, spoke to Kuwait Times about the association and the art of training a dog.