Start Jonathan goodhand corrupting consolidating peace

Jonathan goodhand corrupting consolidating peace

By approaching it as a political rather than technical problem, this important book takes a clear-eyed look at the ways in which corruption can threaten — but also, on occasion, facilitate — post-conflict peacebuilding.’ – Simon Chesterman, National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law Introduction 1 Selling the Peace?

What is less well known is how corruption can shape the possibilities and character of a transition to peace.

War, the State and the Post Conflict Challenge in Afghanistan'. : A case study of the opium economy in North Eastern Afghanistan'.

I’m providing some more information on the core ideas since it won’t be available in paperback for at least 18 months.

It argues that fighting corruption is only one of several important peacebuilding objectives, and that due consideration must be given to the specific social and political context in considering how a sustainable peace can be achieved.