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“My take is that you’re set up by people, that’s sort of what it seems like to me.

“We like to think of ‘Soon by You’ as a show with characters who happen to be Jewish instead of as a Jewish show,” she says, pointing out that the show has been likened to a kosher version of “Friends.” “I think almost everyone can relate to some of the awkward moments the characters on the show experience in dating.

Dating for everyone is ultimately about connecting to another person, it’s just that in the Orthodox world there is the added pressure to date for marriage and family, and to be quick about it.” In “The Setup,” much of the comedy and drama revolves around the multiple “bathroom breaks” that Sarah F.

We signed up for it so although it was definitely an added stress during an already very stressful time we never regretted the decision – we knew what we were getting into.”Benjamin noted that it “definitely made us stronger as a couple.”Those days and weeks of filming – throughout their engagement and early days of marriage – are condensed into just a third of each show, as the Spears share the spotlight with Mayur and Maneka, who hail from an Indian background, and Taylor and David, Southern Baptists who were set up by David’s brother.

The Spears said they haven’t had any opportunities to meet the other two couples, since they all filmed in their respective hometowns, but they enjoy tuning in each week to follow all the storylines.“The other couples are very different from us culturally,” said Benjamin, “and we find it really interesting and fun to see how their culture is different from ours and how their stories are represented next to ours.”The couple said they’ve mostly gotten positive feedback from friends and family who’ve seen the show, in particularly after the episode that aired showing their wedding. They let those roll off their backs.“There’s plenty of people who like to watch these shows in order to be critical and to jump to conclusions about other people,” said Benjamin.

The show follows the Spears and two other couples who they have labeled “arranged” – i.e.

in arranged marriages – and the trials and tribulations they face along the way.

None quite fit the traditional definition of an arranged marriage – a couple selected by their families who meet just a few times before getting engaged.

The show’s producers admit they have adopted a “modern” take on the idea of arranged marriages, spotlighting couples who come from traditional backgrounds and were set up by friends or family.“I think people hear the word ‘arranged’ and assume it means like your parents set you up with someone and you had no say in the matter,” Victoria told The Jerusalem Post from New York earlier this week.

Leah Gottfried is hilarious as fashionista Sarah, but in addition to being a star of the series, she is also creator, director, co-writer, and co-producer of the series, through her production company, Dignity Entertainment.

The show may be focusing on the dating habits of a small niche population, but Gottfried is aiming at a much larger non-Jewish audience.

Amid the whirlwind of their engagement, “We got a text from a friend out of the blue and she said that her friend was a casting director for the show,” said Benjamin.“We thought, ‘Why not?