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Is haley williams dating anyone

We didn’t set out to be a punk or pop band, we’re just Paramore. To cut it short, when it comes to what category we’re in, I really couldn’t possibly care any less.’ She says if you want to understand Paramore, you need to see one of their shows.

‘Way too much has been written about me being the singer, me being the girl, and when I give my opinion about anything some people are like: “Whoa, Hayley is the dictator of Paramore,”’ she says.

‘When I go back home, the people I grew up with are having kids and getting married – it’s sometimes hard for me to go back because it’s still the same world and I’ve grown accustomed to seeing different places and new things.

If I’d stayed in a small town my whole life I’d have gone crazy.’ As she got older, her family moved to Franklin, 20 miles from Nashville, where she discovered the joys of punk. She was like: “No, you can’t have your hair like Brody from The Distillers, you can’t have a Mohawk…” But she let me go to gigs.’ Williams started singing in bands at 13 and, after doing a stint in a covers band singing Stevie Wonder songs, soon joined Paramore.

Williams issued a statement wishing them success before Farro posted his thoughts.