Start Intuitive sensor dating

Intuitive sensor dating

I want to warn everyone – I’m going to be talking to JUST the Intuitives here.

You must remember one thing: You’re not like other people, so stop trying to date like them. if you want your relationship to be based upon creating addiction through inconsistent reward. Giving a rat a piece of cheese only when they perform a task of your choosing, thus making them obsessed with doing that task just…in…case…they get the cheese. But maybe not so good for long term relationships.) You’re an Intuitive.

That means traditional templates aren’t going to do the trick. Rules are something other people have to worry about.

Of the four dichotomies, the largest discrepancy lies in the difference between Sensors and Intuitives.

Whereas there is an approximate 50/50 split in the population between the other preferences, a full 70% of the population prefers Sensing versus only 30% favoring Intuition.

The past doesn’t really hold their interest any more than a reference point for future predictions.

Third, these differences alter both values and basic interests.

Instead, they trust reliable information – things that can be verified in the Real World.

Therefore, they become masters of historical information – their own history as well as other people’s.

Intuitives are generally the “trailblazers” – coming up with new ways of looking at and doing things which fashion new technologies and paradigms.

It makes sense that fewer Intuitives would be needed – too much innovation and everything collapses. Understanding and appreciating these differences is how we cooperate to create both a stable system as well as pathways to whole new worlds.

For Sensors, values surround things like family, tradition, getting into action, old friends, etc…