Start Intimidating shout

Intimidating shout

Benefit: Once per round, if the opponent you have designated as your Dodge target (see the Dodge feat) makes a melee attack or melee touch attack against you and misses, you may make an attack of opportunity against that opponent. Resolve and apply the effects from both attacks simultaneously.

These are not the only feats found in the World of Warcraft Role Playing Game.

In addition to the feats found below, The Wo WRPG also has most of the SRD Feats.

Warriors can select Battle Shout as one of their warrior bonus feats.

Benefit: When you are the target of a spell, you may disrupt the casting and counter its effects.

She spends a 3rd-level spell slot (because frost nova is a 3rd-level spell).

Alastair’s frost nova explodes among his friends at the location Leanine has chosen, with the damage, save DC and other pertinent information based on Alastair’s statistics, as normal.

If you succeed, the device operates normally for 1d3 rounds, giving you a chance to finish the job you are doing, make an emergency repair, or get clear before it blows up.