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Intimidating life

Initially appearing to do a near-flawless job of re-establishing the tone and texture of the series’ uniquely doom-laden, industrial-gothic universe, Alien: Covenant rapidly sets out a very enticing stall.

For all of her purported protagonist status, Katherine Waterston’s Daniels is really no such thing, her tragic backstory forgotten as soon as it has made its obligatory stab for sympathy, just as she herself blends away into the ensemble until abruptly called upon to become Designated Badass during the film’s climactic scenes.

Waterston’s performance is solid, but given so little to do, her character is devoid of any kind of arc.

When she eventually does step up, she’s – much like Ripley’s clone in Resurrection when compared to the real thing – a falsely engineered insta-hero rather than one grown from a meaningful journey.