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An agency of considerable wealth, the temple was a real economic satellite of the central power, and a fortress maintained under a high degree of supervision".

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The small tomb TT277 is in the Theban necropolis, specifically on the hill of Qurnet-Murai.

This feature was already evident at the end of the XIXth dynasty.

It culminated during the XXth dynasty, when the effort needed to give a third dimension to a flat representation of the image was completely abandoned.

It was the most significant of the temples of this type (often belittled by the term 'funeral temples'), and was built on the site of Kom el-Hetan.

(Subscribers to Newsletter Osirisnet would be aware that archaeologists frequently uncover statues in this location.) The Amenophium, now in a state of total ruin, once extended from the Colossi of Memnon for 500m in the direction of the Theban hills.

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