Start Honda motorcycle dating certificate

Honda motorcycle dating certificate

When you hear “Gentlemen Start Your Engines” the fab Route 66 starts indeed and we say good-bye to the windy city for good. For many this is the spot where Route 66 really begins.

The man in question was a loner who rode into town on a cold, windy night way back in 1890.

Soon our bikes will take us to Atlanta IL to check out another huge fibreglass man – this one named Tall Paul.

This particular "Muffler Man" stood for many years in front of Bunyon's across town in Cicero, Illinois along Ogden Ave. We not only have a chance to enjoy espresso shots but we also meet Angel in 'The Palms Grill Cafe' - a great little place with faithfully restored small tables and vinyl-covered chairs that has been serving Route 66 travelers since the 1934!

As the snow fell that night, the quiet loner was buried in a shallow grave on the edge of town. The story goes that the very next night Angus Bailey walked back into the saloon to finish his meal.