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Hilary swank who is she dating

But speaking in general, I think it’s really naive to say, ‘Oh, a woman’s vehicle is not successful,’ because men’s movies have failed at the box office too.

(This on the heels of a series of big-budget disappointments for the studio, including Foster’s .) Although Robinov has flatly denied ever issuing such an edict, the gossip was discussed and dissected all over town.“Who knows if Jeff really said that or not,” opines Swank, toeing a careful line. He says he didn’t say it, and I know that people attribute things to me that I didn’t say.

“I don’t see it much myself.”Although Swank says she hasn’t been able to start her research yet, she’s certainly logging plenty of flight hours. “You know, it’s tiring, but I can’t complain, because I’m getting to do what I love.” And if she feels exhaustion rearing its head, she can always down another Longevity Pak.

“In the past four and a half weeks, I’ve been to London, Texas, Chicago, China, New York, L.

”Letting go and moving on is exactly what she’s done in her personal life.