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Instead, Jaworski says, they are simply trying to crush independents and gain a monopoly.

The increased demand has made the price of used cooking oil skyrocket.

Like other big renderers, Dar Pro has turned to security firms to protect its grease. Jon Jaworski is an attorney in Houston with a practice in family law and a sideline defending grease thieves.

In 2011, Stuewe hired Total Compliance Associates, a Manhattan-based firm headed by Stuart Gra Bois, a former U. assistant district attorney, and Mike Ferrandino, a former F. His first case, he said, was in 1986: “I had a couple of guys get busted in Galveston County at a Popeye’s Fried Chicken.” Back then, grease went for only a few pennies on the Chicago exchange, but, if you collected enough of it and knew where to sell it, you could make some money.

few months ago, in a clanging, hissing plant on the outskirts of Newark, a tanker truck backed up to a deep reservoir and delivered thousands of dollars’ worth of raw material—what people in the rendering industry sometimes refer to as “liquid gold.” The plant’s owner is a company called Dar Pro, and the C. O., Randall Stuewe, looked on while a hose from the truck gushed a brown fluid, filled with fine sediment and the occasional mysterious solid.