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Henry rollins dating quotes

It looks like this role has made him known and this is only for his best.

Further there are no records or any proves that at the moment there would exist someone special in his life that he could call as Henry Rollins girlfriend so he is considered to be single and this might be better for him because he can travel even more.

[2010, on landing his presenter job with National Geographic] What I'm hoping for is that National Geographic keeps me oh so busy.

It looks like Henry Rollins has had plenty of activity in his life and he has belonged to a couple of bands and was their frontman it appears that he is highly known because of his acting and not singing abilities.

In 1980, the Washington punk band the Extorts lost their frontman Lyle Preslar to Minor Threat. He put words to the band's five songs and wrote several more. His high level of energy and intense personality suited the band's style, but Rollins' diverse tastes in music were a key factor in his being selected as singer; Black Flag's founder Greg Ginn was growing restless creatively and wanted a singer who was willing to move beyond simple, three-chord punk.

A legal dispute with Unicorn Records held up further Black Flag releases until 1984, and Ginn was slowing the band's tempo down so that they would remain innovative.

In August 1983, guitarist Dez Cadena had left the band; a stalemate lingered between Dukowski and Ginn, who wanted Dukowski to leave, before Ginn fired Dukowski outright.

It looks like from television people got an opinion about him that might be different in real life and Henry does not like to talk about his personal life including Henry Rollins girlfriend, because he has not mentioned her name or anything about her.