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Among our most prominent scholars who developed the study of Islam at Hartford Seminary was Duncan Black Macdonald, in whose honor the Duncan Black Macdonald Center for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations would later be named.

Abraham is regarded to be one of the greatest divinely sent Prophets of God who taught monotheism and living a life of virtue.

According to Islamic tradition, his descendants, through his two sons Ismail and Isaac, would become prophets who would remind humanity of the centrality of their ancestor Abraham’s message of devotion to the One God.

Muslims believe that the separation of Isaac and Ismail was part of a divinely ordained plan that would eventually lead to the guidance of a great segment of humanity through their message and that of their progeny who would bear the call to Abrahamic monotheism.

Hagar is regarded in the Islamic tradition as a strong woman whose power of faith led her to realize that her separation from Abraham and her relocation to Arabia was part of a divine decree whose purpose she would only later understand.

Over 60% of the Muslim population is from Asia-Pacific and about 15% are from Sub-Saharan Africa.

An estimated 87-90% are Sunnis and the remainder are Shi’as based on the same Pew Research Center polls cited above.

Hartford Seminary seeks to continue its mission of forming bridges of peace through education and dialogue among America’s many faith traditions.