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Guys to avoid dating

He suffers from serious FOMO (fear of missing out) and cannot go five minutes without looking at it.

Whether he’s updating his Facebook, checking scores, or catching up on his Twitter, he obviously finds his phone more interesting than you. He may seem nice at first, and he’ll still have his moments, but dating Mr. He doesn’t like confrontation, therefore won’t express himself when he has an opinion or is angry or upset. If he doesn’t give an opinion, he can blame you for everything that doesn’t work out.

And he won’t bring it up right away, he’ll hold onto that little grudge to use as punishment later.

In his eyes, you are either virtuous or you are a slut.

This all goes double if he has full custody of the little buggers and/or they are brats. He is a people watcher, constantly waiting for someone to make a mistake. He also has to one up every story you tell because, well, he’s better than you. The control freak may be a professional that seems like he’s got it all together. It won’t take too long before his true colors bleed through the façade.

He is moody, *especially* when he feels he’s not in control. His tailored power suit may be the first thing you notice about him, and of course the well-polished good looks. Of course when he actually does have a free night the last thing he’ll want to do is go out.

But similar to social media man you will be in a constant three way – with his phone. He’s going to need to be productive some other way.

And then he’s not that into you anymore and breaks up with you. No, these type of men do not encompass every guy on the face of the planet. This is my mantra when it comes to dating: Life is short. So, if he represents any of the man types I mentioned and makes you miserable, it’s time to move on.