Start Good dating straplines

Good dating straplines

It is benefit and let prospects learn the rest from your advertising, sales force, website and jungle drums.

Dopamine is often described as the brain’s reward chemical due to its role in our pleasure seeking behaviours.

Mc Donald’s’ “I’m lovin’ it” works because even a hermit in the Himalayas probably had a Big Mac last Thursday.

Taglines allow you to stand out for one good, specific reason, far apart from commoditized competitors.

If you offer a complex service or are a little-known B2B company, say exactly what you do.

(Hint: that is .) Only well-known companies can use image-based taglines.

One line to set yourself apart from every other person in the dating pool, to win his/her heart. It can describe what you do, make a brand memorable, promise a benefit, claim a position versus competitors, connect with consumers’ emotional needs, or establish a call to action.

If you’re lucky, it can be even fun to say: “Bounty, the quicker picker-upper” – again, it’s the last word, polishing off the message – firmly positioning you as smart, or unique, or urgently needed.

In ordinary circumstances, this might not amount to much.