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Genevieve gorder dating

From the very early age of life, she was interested in playing soccer and playing the violin.

In 1994, Gorder accepted an internship from MTV in New York City. Career Genevieve began her career as a commentator for the MTV series; and quickly became known for her soulful designs and her unusual habit of working barefoot.

After the competition of her internship MTV offered her a permanent job, which she accepted. She parodied her lack of footwear in a series of Swiffer Sweeper commercials that started running on television and in periodicals in 2003.

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Having her children custody, she lives as a single mom of a five-year-old daughter, Belle Harcourt in Manhattan, happy as never with in a serious relationship with a star named Anthony Carrino. This beautiful anchor looks great in bikini pictures revealing her sexy body structure, and the combination of her sexy legs has made her look magnificently beautiful.

After graduating from her high school,” Minneapolis South High School,” In the year 1992 Genevieve attended Lewis & Clark College, course, as major in international affairs.

She has also earned her degree certificate in her graphic design course from School of Visual Arts in Manhattan located in New York City.

Genevieve Gorder was born to Diana Drake in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America.