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John and his brother Thomas inherited a large distillery, and much land in and near Essex Street, from their father, and Hill's wharf was also built by him.

His children with the exception of his daughter Aeltie, who married Dr. Colonel John was a staunch Dutch churchman, and left 100 pounds to the Dutch Church at Fishkill, to be held in trust. His younger brother William, is the next in our line. Gawen Brown was spoken of in Drake's "History of Boston" as "An Englishman residing in Boston." He had a large mansion on King Street (now State Street) where the "Merchant's Bank" now stands.

Isaac Brinckerhoff, the third brother to come to Fishkill, came from Long Island when a young man, and occupied some part of the original purchase made by his father in 1618. The Boston Massacre took place almost in front of his house, and a story is told of the sudden alarm and departure ff the Brown family, when they hastened to their country home at Weston, a few miles from Boston, only returning three days after, and to their astonishment found that although, in their fright, they had forgotten to close the door, it was still open, but nothing had been disturbed in the house.

It would be interesting to know what the consideration was, but of this history sayeth not. They had eleven children, of whom Josiah, born February 26, 1666, was the eighth in order of birth, and is the direct ancestor of the Cleaveland family of Poughkeepsie, N. He served in the Indian wars of 1688-89, and died at Canterbury, Conn., April 26, 1709.