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Furniture updating

Add a bit of antiquity to furniture with a limed finish using lime wax or white shoe polish.

The organic look of this outdoor table is protected from the elements with a sealer in a matte finish.

Matte is best for pieces with rough texture, since it minimizes flaws and imperfections; gloss finishes are best for smooth, sleek pieces.

If you are interested in a distressed, primitive look, bring the look to life with layers of paint.

First, remove the existing finish with an electric orbital sander.

If the project requires a brushed application, it's best to choose direct-to-metal paint.

For pieces in need of sprayed finishes, urethane paint — which requires wearing a protective mask and working in a well-ventilated area — is the ideal choice.

Give a space the look of custom millwork by picking up ready-made cabinetry from the home improvement store, roughing up the existing finish with steel wool or sandpaper, then using a paint sprayer to add a colorful finish.