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I’ve always been a happy, faithful wife but something happened a couple of months back that is tearing my world apart.

The drunken slut I’d become swallowed it down greedily!

Soon we were back at their house (though not before I’d swallowed my first load of cum for the night).

“Lets get her back to our place Max,” one of the guys said. I knew I was going to get gang fucked; it seemed like I had no will to resist.

Long wet kisses; fingers pushed roughly into my sex; nipples pinched, licked, bitten; my hands forcibly wrapped around rock-hard cocks.

“Hey Max, what’s the idea, were you planning to sneak off without us? Max looked a bit embarrassed but, before he could respond, the other guys raced over.

One of them jumped in the front passenger seat while the other two - I realised, too late, the pair who’d molested me in the club - bundled me into the middle of the back seat. I knew what was going to happen now: and on a rational/moral level I really didn’t want it to; but, at the same time, the hot slutty feelings came back too.

The night turned out a bit of a wash-out: the dinner was over by 9pm and pretty much everyone raced home: there was just me and my 22 year-oldest executive assistant Stacey left.