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She whispered something to the other people there, and suddenly there were dragging me towards a support-pole in their basement.

So I got into the suit, putting the straps of the oversized mascot head under my arms, and realized I couldn't reach the zipper (which was on the back of the body suit), so I asked him for assistance.

He zipped me up and I stepped out of the bathroom, greeting by a myriad of laughs from the other players.

I then watched her struggle and mmph for about 30 minutes till I fianlly and reluctantly untied her.

I did take some pictures if anyone wants to swap with me.

All in all, it was a fun experience, since I've never been helplessly bound before, though it was quite uncomfortable since it is quite warm inside fully furred mascot costumes.

I'm not quite sure how professional mascots can stand the heat -- but my hat is off to them.

So it was settled, I wasn't getting out of the wolf suit any time soon.