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Need I even begin complimenting them on their crop of vocal talent… [They] played an intricate role in the success of our latest project.

This minutes-long distraction from the main storyline sees her bring her paunchy, aged date into her bedroom, becoming entangled with him in a sex scene worthy of American Gods' network home, Starz.

As intriguing as the main storyline in the kick-off to this eight-episode season is, the real strength is the "Coming to America/Somewhere in America" vignettes that occur at the beginning and middle of each episode of the series.

(Disclaimer: I've seen the first four episodes of Season 1.) Each details a different god's journey arriving or living in America.

The premiere comes fully together when Whittle and Mc Shane first meet on screen, which is a good sign considering much of this series relies on the chemistry and relationship between their characters.