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Foreign sex cams

But in Cuba, potentially because of its complex history - combined with a serious lack of Wi Fi, it’s more deeply ingrained.

But the worst part of it all wasn’t the inappropriate stares, the men trying to ‘subtly’ touch my bum or the constant stream of ‘linda’ and ‘guapa’ – it was the fact that I wasn’t allowed to care.

The Cuban men I questioned all told me that they meant no harm by it, their comments were compliments, and the local women weren’t bothered, so why was I?

To the Cuban men, I was ‘taken’ and no longer a walking catcalling target.

Cue blissful silence as I wandered the streets and got to experience Havana as a non-sexual object.

It’s something I had to appreciate, or at least accept. Every time the comments came I either felt angry and annoyed, or slightly dirty and vulnerable – especially when I was backpacking for part of the trip alone.

It didn’t help when other female tourists (travelling with male partners, so completely unaffected by the catcalling) cheerfully told me, ‘when in Rome!

None of the local men I spoke to could believe my boyfriend back home had ‘allowed me to travel alone’ – they swore they’d never let their girlfriends go on a night out without them, let alone a trip.

Just like in parts of South America, Cuba still has a sense of ‘machismo’ where men are filled with a stereotypical masculine pride and women are subservient to them.

Many worry that the country will change drastically now the trade embargo with American has been lifted, and that an influx of western tourists will destroy the country’s history and beauty.

It’s a legitimate concern, but for me, there’s one small hidden benefit to this momentous change – the more that Americans come in, the more Cuba is likely to ditch its 1950s patriarchal attitude towards women and stop seeing catcalling as the norm.

As this viral video shows, American men ain't perfect - but at least most of them know shouting sexual comments at women in the street is wrong.