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Ethics of options pricing and backdating

Ethics of Options Repricing and Backdating - The University of.

For more information, Table of Contents: Preface Stock Options: The Backdating Issue (James M.

The 'repricing' of executive stock options - Research Gate It wasn’t so much about the money, because a very small percentage of my net worth is from Apple. Consistent with prior research on option repricing e.g.

We study motives for executive stock option backdating.

I was very concerned that Pixar was a newly public company with shareholders, employees, and I felt that – – to my knowledge there had never been a CEO of two public companies before.

The Decision to Reprice Stock Options Almost Never." Journal of Business.

The practice of backdating stock options grant dates is not necessarily illegal.

Where instances of backdating were found, firms have been forced to reprice.

Bickley and Gary Shorter)pp.1-46 Options Backdating: The Enforcement Perspective (U.