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Of course, everyone is on their best behaviour in the early stages of dating, but more real you are, flaws and all, the sooner you will know if there is a real connection.

How you feel during and after each date should be your guide along with these other principals.

Instead, consider changing things up, pushing past your comfort zone to create more exciting opportunities to meet potential new dates. You owe it to yourself to re-adjust your attitude and beliefs so that they are supportive and serve you rather than hold you back.

Ask yourself how what you’re doing now is working for you? If you’re re-active now and believe "it will happen when it happens" or "you never find it when you're looking for it," it's a myth. As cliché as it sounds, the truth is if you invest your energy believing negative thoughts like this, you will look for evidence of these being true. Don’t limit yourself and play small by accepting and believing negative thoughts and opinions about your “circumstances”.

This isn’t about being desperate or needy, it’s about understanding that in order to achieve your goal, and you have to do something about it.

It can take time, so avoiding it, or giving up over inevitable bad dates, will keep you further away from it.

Keep a happy, balanced life and network of supportive trusted friends and family to prevent you from investing too soon in your date.

Not always being available is a good thing and maintains a little mystery.

With that said, here are my "12 Back to Basics Principals for Dating Success" to support you to build that strong foundation, to date confidently, trust yourself and have fun without overwhelm and confusion I recommend keeping these in mind as your dating compass to keep you on track during your dating journey. As unromantic as it sounds, the truth is, meeting the right partner, and the right time and place is rare.

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