Start Eroticy adult dating

Eroticy adult dating

Whether you enjoy real or virtual sex this is worth checking out.

Eroticy fancies itself a web "community" rather than just an adult dating service.

To that end the site provides a points system that ranks members based on their activity level and on how many virtual "friends" they make.

It quickly became apparent that the vast majority of these hot "members" were either working girls or spam traps.

If the girl looks like a lingerie model and says she enjoys gangbangs with dirty old men it's probably too good to be true. Once you get through the "beautiful people" you'll find there are a tremendous number of legitimate and sexy members to contact.

There are two features I really like about the profiles on this site.

First members are required to input their weight to within a few pounds, rather than a subjective view on whether they are fit or fat.

Even worse it's not always clear what's part of the site functionality and what's a link to some other product or service. It's a numbers game and you can expect that there are at least 10 men for every 1 woman on the site.

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