Start Drawbacks of carbon dating

Drawbacks of carbon dating

[tags: Ancient History] - When one thinks of history, they usually refer to their family’s history, going back several generations.

The scientific definition of a human is the only living species in the Homo genus, with a highly developed brain that is capable of abstract problem solving, reasoning, introspect and communication through diverse spoken and gestured languages.... Anthropologists completed studies using different species of primates in order to prove that brains in humans have indeed been evolving over time.

They compared brain to body weight ratio by using a measurement of Comparative Brain Size (CBS).

In a world of dwindling resources, and ongoing concerns over the safety of nuclear power, the film contends that thorium could be our last great hope.

Until that time, people relied on religious explanations of how humans came into existence.

Socially, the Homo sapiens neanderthalensis were also thought to be more advanced than species of the past.

Bones of this species were also very robust as well as muscular.

According to Linnaeus Carlos, scientific way of classifying living organisms (Relethford, 2010).