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Drake equation applied dating

I even think that receiving all these blessings from above may follow logically from contact with a civilization that’s survived for millions of years.

Einstein gave us the theory to take the last steps, and Edwin Hubble’s observations of distant galaxies convinced the world.

Astronomer Robert Jastrow, founder of NASA’s Goddard Institute, calls Hubble’s achievement “the last great step in the revolution of thought regarding mankind’s place in the cosmos that had been initiated by Copernicus.” But today’s Copernican Principle proposes, not only that the universe does not revolve around the Earth, but that the universe does not revolve around either literally or figuratively.

“You have the early spring flowers, and then you have the late spring flowers and so on, and you have life with consciousness springing up here and there for a while.

And whether it’s ever in contact at the same time, I just don’t know.” The next generation of cosmologists might still say that the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations is “extremely likely,” as cosmologist George Smoot (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories) told me.

I’d be fascinated to hear an alien’s perspective on the meaning and purpose of life.

I’m all for immediate solutions to our war/crime/ poverty problems, which a mature society is supposed to have solved.

Nothing drives ETI faith like the Copernican Principle, the idea that we do not occupy a privileged position in the universe.