Start Drake dating love and hip hop

Drake dating love and hip hop

Spoiler alert, that turned out to be a lot of times.

While off the bat that 129 number means Drake's reputation as a lady's man is well earned, it's important to note that reputation is relatively recent.

Almost shockingly, his first mixtape, , features relatively few explicit women.

is a classic, JAY Z is past his prime and Drake raps about women, a lot. If there was only some way to turn that subjective feeling into cold, hard, mathematical fact.

The couple even had a reality show and unlike other celeb couples that's probably not what broke them up. Sources say Tiny is the one who filed for divorce earlier this month.

So we didn't count all the times he mentioned his mother, or grandmother, his friend's mother, his producer's mother or his piano teacher, or Sylvia Rhone or Ms.

Murray (his former manager), but otherwise, if they were in possession of a vagina and Drake rapped/sang about his often complicated relationship to them and/or their vagina, we got it down.

There's also: will be the last time I specifically break down a song.