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Down to earth dating site

On the other hand you don’t want too close of a close up where you can see your chicken pox scars and blackheads. The beauty of nature as your background says, “I’m real, down to earth, and love the great outdoors.” You can really be creative with your setting to convey a very specific part of who you are that you want potential partners to see.

I’m probably going to ruffle some feathers and alienate some shutterbugs by saying this, but my answer is NO.

You want your photo to be clear (no cellphone cams) and well lit.

You also want people to be able to recognize you, so you shouldn’t be standing half a mile away from the camera. A fun setting, like an amusement park, picnic, boat ride, or sporting event says, “I’m fun and active”.

I know, that’s a bold statement and I’ve got no concrete facts or statistics to back it up.