Start Dos and don ts for dating

Dos and don ts for dating

Resist the urge to look through each and every person on his/her friends list to uncover his/her exes, close friends, colleagues or common friends.

The great thing about Facebook is that anything can be shared, from what they had for breakfast to what movie they just watched.

Another thing you should probably avoid is delving so far into your date’s online history that you accidentally ‘like’ a post from 2008!

Not only do you fail at stealth, but you’ll also have to come up with an answer to “What the hell are you doing looking into my old posts? Leaving an insightful comment or hitting the like button shows appreciation and a desire to keep your connection going.

Getting to know their online presence would make for great material during your next date too. There’s a huge difference between casually browsing, and checking out each and every post, interaction, like, comment and activity done by your date in the past couple of years.