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The boss uses Goblin Charge, a skill similar to the Butcher's Charge, just that upon reaching its destination, a Treasure Goblin spawns.

Every time Urshi spawns, you can ask for 3 gem upgrades, so you can increase the rank of a given gem up to 3 times, or the rank of 3 different gems once.

You need to keep in mind, though, that a gem upgrade is not a guaranteed operation.

This portal can only spawn in Adventure Mode and not while doing Nephalem Rifts or Greater Rifts.

Only players in the party when the Treasure Goblin was encountered can enter Greed's Domain.

As said above, Boon of the Hoarder is a guaranteed drop from Greed in Greed's Domain.

This special realm can only be reached through a yellow portal that Treasure Goblins sometimes leave behind when they die.

at will and higher level gems can be used on any character, spending gold to upgrade non-legendary gems or farming for legendary gems (and upgrading them) is never a waste. Non-legendary gems or normal gems are of 5 possible types: Amethysts, Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, and Topazes.

Each of this type of gems gives you different stat bonuses for different item slots. Imperial gems do sometimes drop at Level 70, so having a few of those will lower the cost, but Flawless Royal gems remain an expensive craft.

The restriction is actually rather convenient, because it allows you to get your legendary gems quickly, without running the risk of getting duplicate gems instead of the one you really need.

One of the legendary gems, Boon of the Hoarder, does not drop from a Greater Rift Guardian, but from Greed, inside Greed's Domain, the special level you can access by using the yellow portal that Treasure Goblins sometimes leave behind.

If you manage to kill the guardian before the time is up, Urshi asks you to choose between upgrading your gem or refunding you an upgraded Keystone of Trials (which you can use to enter a more difficult Greater Rift).