Start Diablo 3 updating blizzard update agent

Diablo 3 updating blizzard update agent

It is used to connect to the Internet to check for updates to certain installed programs. On Win XP systems it is installed in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Install Shield\Update Service I found the file in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Install Shield\Update Service\

The interface window is faulty, not only in that you can't see everything in the window unless you hold down the left mouse button and pull it down, but the window doesn't toggle and in the German version "Datenschutz" (terms of privacy) is misspelled (Datumnschutz), making me wary.

Under "Terms of use" I was redirected to the link below.

Annoying, leaks handles, eats CPU and causes issues with virtually every program I run.

Learn to update your own software and not rely on poorly programmed updaters (like my boss seems to think we should in our office) As the Macrovision component of Installshield, it's located in c:\program files\common files\installshield\update Service. It will show you which applications subscribe to it. Change the settings to MANUAL, click "apply to all programs" and it shouldn't bother you any more. EXE-139A6BA6 - Looks fine, but I've been having some trouble with Rohos Mini Drive, am i being paranoid or is it a program that's left over from when I uninstalled rohos?

Install Shield is distributed by Flexera Software, which is headquartered in Illinois.

Install Shield is designed primarily for Windows software deployment, but can also manage mobile device software as well.

I use Windows 2000 - company probably uses install for XP. It can be an anti-malware process on Dell computers, the problem is that sometimes it takes up all the memory when stuck against malware. I agree it is used with Install Shield by Macrovision.

if this happens, do a virus and spyware/malware check and remove anything. I have some issues on certain boxes where the process uses upto 70% of the CPU usage and 80% bandwidth on an internet connection.

Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk.

If a "non-Microsoft" file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! 'Agent.exe' is indeed part of the 'Install Shield Update Service Agent' by Macrovision Corporation.

located in C:\Windows\prefetch\agent.exe-10BH4(42 kb) and in C:\program files\common files\install shield\update service\(969kb) Seems harmless as comes up when not on line and in folder that seems OK My machine tasks keep going into 'Not Responding' state.