Start Dc dating pot

Dc dating pot

Ganjapreneurs looking to capitalize on the opportunity presented by the situation in DC are prominent on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and Mass Roots.

From breakfast to dessert, Firefly is the quintessential neighborhood restaurant.

Alright, alright, you know that cannabis is legal in DC, but thanks to a rider added to a budget by those dickheads in Congress, there’s nowhere you can just walk in and buy weed like Colorado or Oregon. FYI, you do NOT need to be a resident to receive gifts or go to the events. I also aggregate local News regarding legalization for DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Patient ID cards are voluntary in Maine, California, and Washington but in California and Washington they offer the strongest legal protection.

In Delaware, the defense is only available between when a patient submits a valid application and receives their ID card.

The event vendors are featuring more robust menus than ever before and I’ve seen some great quality Flowers, Edibles, and Concentrate.

Some of my favorite brands are Silly Bees, Butter Nugg Cookies, District Connoisseurs, & Phone Homie. No time to visit an event or wait around for a delivery? They sell King Weedy Tee-Shirts and gift cannabis and CBD oil.

Firefly's menu highlights contemporary American comfort food with favorites like deviled eggs, crab cakes, and our signature pot roast.

The menu is complemented by inviting service and the bar’s innovative seasonal cocktails and all-American wine list.

Visit my sponsors Funky Piece in Adams Morgan and Absalom’s Smoke Shop in Silver Spring for all your smoke accessory needs!

Until DC finds a way to allow and regulate recreational sales, you can also get connected to the local cannabis community through social media to find folks donating whatever you’re looking for- seeds, clones, flower, oil, RSO, you name it.

"recommend" marijuana (considered protected free speech between doctor and patient), as well as states that have passed "affirmative defense" laws in which arrested marijuana users are allowed to mention medical use in their defense."Some or all patients and/or their caregivers are allowed to cultivate medical cannabis in 16 of the 28 states.