Start Daughter dating a gang member

Daughter dating a gang member

Prostitution is, as they say, the oldest profession.

Now entire sets of gangs are running larger prostitution rings to help fund their other illegal businesses, including sales of illicit drugs and firearms.

One day a good-looking young man who buys drugs from her expresses concern for her safety.

He says she can live with him and he'll take care of her and protect her family.

Woolf first worked a case involving gang-controlled sex trafficking in 2011. Since then, Woolf has seen sex trafficking operations run by all three types of gangs: transnational such as MS-13 and 18th Street, national such as Crips and Latin Kings, and various local crews unaffiliated with larger gangs.

MS-13 was the gang running this operation in the D. But all of them, whatever the race or type of gang, recruit in the same way, he says.

Gang Targets Gang members look for certain types of girls to bring into their operations.

They know how to prey on people looking for a place to belong and they use psychological manipulation to win them over and keep them under their control.

Picture a frightened 13-year-old girl selling drugs on a street corner earning money to feed her siblings.