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If you are looking to meet other gay people, you should make your way to the beach and the legendary Kiosk nr. You can get there by foot – a walk that takes you through the incredible dunes – or you can take a taxi down to the promenade at Maspalomas Beach and walk the rest of the way to Kiosk nr. All in all, life here on the island is fantastic and peaceful and everyone is accepted as who they are – regardless of their sexual orientation.

The Daisy Chain This is a bit old fashioned but is amongst the best and hottest positions for oral sex. In this position, both ladies take turns giving the male oral. The girls then get to make out, adding for an even more sensual display for the male.

A variation to this is that, the male and the female can go down on one of the remaining female, and enjoy the pleasure of watching their partner get double the pleasure!

DVP-(Double Vaginal Position) For me, well, two is better than one.

Let’s Start With Positions in Which There are Two Females and a Male. In this position, one girl lies on her back, and the other gets on top of her.

In this zone it is possible to have a good time your way and to see many different things.

So if you are a delicate person we advise to avoid this place.

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