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vil aldri være synlig eller tilgjengelig for andre brukere.

Vennligst merk deg at dette kan variere mellom nettlesere.

Denne erklæringen kan forandre seg fra tid til annen (se Forandringer til vår Personvernerklæring nedenfor).

Ved ditt bruk av Nettstedet så vil du akseptere fremtidige forandringer av erklæringen, og vi råder deg derfor til å sjekke etter oppdateringer.

I am more likely to ask you what your worst personality trait isand if you’ve ever hooked up with a cousin. I am completely unphased by my ability to propagate the species and I do not wish to transfer all of my mental illnesses and abusive traits onto an innocent person. And I’ll bleed salt and cry blades but I’ll move forward because I do not defer to blind optimism, ever.

You should also know how well-equipped I am in my ability to detect desperation. We’re just Future lover, I do not wish to procreate. Sure, I’d create a beautiful baby who would have an expansive vocabulary and a stamped-up passport before the age of five, but that doesn’t guarantee that he or she will come out good. There is a possibility that you might love me forever and then there’s a possibility that you might not.

You’re the one I want to throw up next to, mid-flight, on the way to Bali With you I’d like to be rambunctious after drinking way too many pints in Bethnal Green.

With you, I’d like to yell at racists on Piazza Navona much that I’ll change my mind about children. Maybe I won’t mind transferring all of my fears and hopes and dreams onto another multi-celled mammalif it means that I’ll be blending them with yoursimagine a human combination of my abandomnent issues and your addictions, My wit and your knowledge of quantum-physics?

For å få tilgang til Nettstedet og bruke vår service så må du godkjenne våre Brukervilkår.